Gilbert Horst Photo


about me

Born and raised outside Washington D.C., Gilbert Horst is a self-taught film photographer-turned-digital. His love and passion for photography started while working for a fashion blog, but quickly turned to weddings. In 2012, he was asked to take photos for a coworker’s wedding when her photographer cancelled last minute. He left for upstate New York at 4am and got home to Baltimore at 5am the next morning, and loved every second of it. Since then, he has been capturing the intimacy of couples across the US and internationally.

When he’s not working weddings, Gilbert photographs political protests and street portraiture. His work on the 2015 Baltimore Riots has been purchased by the Associated Press and Yahoo News, among others, and has been featured by LensCulture and The Before/After Gallery in New York City. He has also photographed various events at the Canadian Embassy, National Geographic, and The White House. You can find him during the weekdays working at The Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland doing clinical research.